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April Solar Eclipse

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth & the Sun, casting a shadow on the Earth's surface. This alignment is believed to amplify the energy of the Sun & Moon, creating a powerful cosmic event that can influence human consciousness & collective destiny. Solar Eclipses are known for their ability to catalyze major shifts & changes in our lives, both individually & globally. They often coincide with significant beginnings or endings, marking key turning points in our personal & collective journeys.

A Solar Eclipse represents a potent moment of cosmic alignment & transformation. Symbolically, it signifies a temporary darkening or obscuring of the Sun, which is associated with themes of introspection, renewal, & rebirth. It is viewed as a time of intensified energy & heightened spiritual awareness. It is considered a powerful opportunity for inner work, reflection, & releasing old patterns or beliefs that no longer serve one's highest good.

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Solar Eclipses are often seen as portals for personal & collective transformation, offering a chance to shed light on areas of our lives that may need healing or growth. It invites us to embrace change, release the old, & step into a new phase of growth & evolution. By harnessing the transformative energy of an Eclipse, we can align with the rhythms of the universe & embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, & spiritual awakening.

A Solar Eclipse always falls on a New Moon - so this energy is super intense & one of the most potent cosmic events of the year. The New Moon represents the beginning of a new lunar cycle, marking a time of introspection, renewal, & setting intentions for the future. It offers an opportunity to initiate new projects, ventures, or habits & to plant seeds of intention that will manifest & grow throughout the lunar cycle. Spiritually, the New Moon symbolizes a fresh start, a blank canvas upon which we can manifest our desires & align with our highest potential. It's a time for reflection, meditation, & connecting with our inner wisdom to gain clarity on our goals & aspirations. 

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This celestial event promises not only a cosmic reset but also an infusion of bold energy, courtesy of fiery Aries. Nestled within the zodiac's first sign, Aries, this occurrence offers a unique opportunity of an extra dose of confidence to fuel one's intentions & actions. We are being pushed to embrace our visions & dreams with unwavering determination. With Aries' influence in full force, expect to encounter opportunities to take risks & make bold decisions. Aries is guiding us to define our self identity & who we aspire to become.

With the Sun & Moon in an exact conjunction with Chiron, the emotional wound healer, past wounds & pain related to identity & the authentic self may emerge for healing or new awareness

As healing occurs, what was once pain may be transformed into a unique sense of wisdom & reclamation of life force energy.

Having the occurrence of the Eclipse with the beginning of a new lunar cycle, combines the potent energies of new beginnings & profound transformation. The Eclipse amplifies these themes, magnifying the intensity of the Moon's energy & catalyzing significant shifts in our lives. The alignment of the Sun, Moon, & Earth during a Solar Eclipse creates a powerful portal for spiritual awakening & evolution, inviting us to release old patterns, beliefs, & limitations … Embracing new possibilities with courage & clarity. Together, the energy of the New Moon & Solar Eclipse supports themes of renewal, rebirth, & personal empowerment, guiding us on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, & alignment with our highest purpose.

Themes of the April Solar Eclipse

  • Endings & new beginnings

  • Transformations

  • Big changes

  • Emotional healing

  • Unexpected news or opportunities

  • Manifesting

  • Big feelings & emotions, or coming to realizations

  • Being true to yourself

  • Uncovering new pathways of growth


These affirmations can be used during meditation, reflection, or daily practice to align with the powerful energies of the Eclipse New Moon & manifest positive change in your life.

  • "I embrace the transformative energy of the Eclipse, releasing what no longer serves me & inviting in fresh beginnings with an open heart."

  • "With each breath, I surrender to the Divine flow of change, trusting in the Universe's guidance & embracing the magic of new beginnings."

  • "I am a beacon of light amidst the darkness, shining with the clarity & wisdom of the Eclipse, ready to manifest my deepest desires."

  • "As the Moon wanes & renews, so too do I shed old layers & step into my true power, guided by the wisdom of my soul."

  • "I honor the cycles of nature & the cosmos, knowing that each lunar cycle brings opportunities for growth, healing, & spiritual evolution."

  • "With every intention I set, I plant seeds of abundance, love, & joy in the fertile soil of my soul, trusting in the Universe to bring them to fruition."

  • "I am a co-creator of my reality, harnessing the energy of the Eclipse to align my thoughts, words, & actions with my highest vision."

  • "In the darkness of the Eclipse, I find clarity & insight, awakening to my inner truth & stepping boldly into the light of my authentic self."

  • "I am a vessel of Divine love & light, radiating positivity & empowerment to all beings, as I embrace the transformative energy of the Eclipse."

  • "With gratitude & grace, I surrender to the magic of the Universe, knowing that I am always guided, protected, & supported on my journey of spiritual growth."

Best Crystals to Use

During a solar eclipse, when the energies are potent & transformative, working with certain crystals can help you harness & align with the cosmic vibrations. Here are some of the best crystals to work with during a solar eclipse …

  • Labradorite: Known as the stone of transformation, Labradorite helps you navigate through change with ease & grace. It enhances intuition & spiritual awareness, allowing you to connect with higher realms & receive guidance during times of transition.

  • Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz is a grounding & protective stone that absorbs negative energy & transmutes it into positive vibrations. It helps you stay grounded & centered amidst the intense energies of a solar eclipse, fostering inner strength & resilience.

  • Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz is a powerful amplifier of energy & intention, making it an excellent ally for working with the heightened energies of a solar eclipse. It enhances clarity of mind & amplifies your intentions, allowing you to manifest your desires with greater focus & precision.

  • Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone for protection & energetic cleansing. It shields you from negative influences & helps you release any fears or doubts that may arise during times of change. Black Tourmaline also purifies your energy field, creating a sense of inner peace & stability.

  • Selenite: Selenite is a high-vibration crystal that promotes spiritual clarity & connection. It helps you access higher realms of consciousness & receive divine guidance during meditation or spiritual practices. Selenite also cleanses & purifies your energy field, creating a sense of peace & tranquility.

  • Moonstone: Associated with the energy of the moon, Moonstone is a stone of intuition & feminine energy. It helps you connect with your inner wisdom & intuition, allowing you to navigate through emotional shifts with ease & grace. Moonstone also enhances psychic abilities & fosters emotional healing.

  • Amethyst: Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection & purification. It helps you release old patterns or attachments that no longer serve your highest good, allowing you to step into a new phase of growth & transformation. Amethyst also enhances spiritual awareness and promotes inner peace & tranquility.

Working with these crystals during a solar eclipse can amplify your intentions, deepen your spiritual connection, & support you on your journey of personal & spiritual growth. Remember to cleanse & charge your crystals before & after using them to ensure they are clear & aligned with your intentions. Trust your intuition & allow the energies of these powerful stones to guide & support you during this transformative time.

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