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Angel Numbers

During difficult times in our lives, we may have had moments where we have been left with feelings of isolation or loneliness. But it is important to remember that we are not alone. We have angels, guides, spirits and forces that surround us everyday to help us on our journey. They listen to our prayers, shield us from harm, guide us on the right path, and even send us messages. There are many ways we can receive one of these signs, but it is a unique experience for most, usually depending on whatever thoughts or hardship we have weighing on us. One of the most common ways we see these communications is through Angel Numbers.

Angel Numbers are a synchronicity of numbers that usually appear in groups of three or four. They are meaningful and will appear to us throughout our day, sometimes in some pretty random places. Angel Numbers can pop up on clocks, bills, receipts, billboards, license plates - really anywhere! This synchronicity of numbers is a sign that our guides want to send a message to us. Whatever it is that we are doing or thinking in the moment that we see the number is most significant.


Each set of numbers has its own spiritual meaning, here is what we generally see…


A number of safety, rest, opportunities, success and strength. It may even mean you completed a cycle and are ready for a new phase in your life to start, so this may be a sign for new beginnings. If you are looking for encouragement, this is it - you are destined for great things.


This is a number of manifestations! It is a good time to manifest if you haven't already. If you have, then this is typically a sign that they are about to become a reality. Be mindful during this time and act with intention. This number strongly represents abundance, protection, spirituality, and faith.


Balance and faith. It might be time to make some changes in our lives to find a bit more stability. Reassess that around you and make any changes you may feel need a shift in energy. This number is about finding more harmony in your life.


This number is meant to bring one comforting energy. It is a simple reminder that there are celestial powers all around you, providing you with unlimited love and support. This is also a sign of encouragement; your prayers have been heard, take that leap and watch as the blessings unfold.


Trust yourself and your intuition. Pay attention to your inner thoughts and wisdom; listening to your intuition is very important. Your higher self knows what's best for you and your angels are here for protection.


This is a sign that changes are coming, so be prepared! Open your mind and your heart as you become open to new opportunities. Don’t be afraid, this is a good sign; and as the changes come your angels will remain by your side with guidance and protection.


Pay attention to your thoughts right now. This number comes as a message that things are out of balance. Focus on how you can bring grounding, healing energy to your life and determine what it is that can change in order to bring yourself more stability. This can also be a sign of negative thinking or a negative mindset, your angels want to help!


A number of luck. New beginnings and new opportunities are coming, and they will be wonderful! This number can also be a symbol of spiritual growth, expanding your mind with knowledge and wisdom. You should continue to tap into the spiritual awareness within.


Abundance is the word for this number. This sign is very positive and exciting, usually regarding your desires. Everything is falling into place for you and it is important to stay focused on positivity. Financial and material abundance are on the way! A message from your angels to say all is well.


This number represents completion. A phase in your life may be closing, but that does not necessarily mean it is the ending of the story. Release what no longer serves you and look for another window of opportunity if you feel the need to. If you find yourself dwelling on the past or unable to release it, this is your angel's way of telling you to let it go - there's no need to fear.


Angel Numbers are gentle, supportive nudges from our angels and guides. They are seen as sequences of repeating digits that can be spotted time and time again in our everyday routines. They are a sign of divine guidance and it's important we pay attention to them if we find ourselves in need of direction. Whether you are looking for instruction or confirmation, take these messages from the Universe to mean you are not alone, you are protected and will end up on the right path that is meant for you.

Love and Light ~

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