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The Dragon is one of the most powerful totems, carrying a reminder

of strength, courage, & fortitude ... They are the messengers of balance & magic. It is highly connected with spirituality & is considered to be a protector.


The Dragon, a symbol of good fortune & wisdom in Chinese astrology, encourages us to embrace bold endeavors, unleash our creativity, & rise to new heights.


The sacred energy of a Prayer Shawl is actually carried in the process of making it. When handling & creating a Prayer Shawl ... Intention, love, & energy is weaved into each piece with prayer. This brings a soothing, nurturing energy to anyone who wears it! Even when gifted to another, the recipient can also feel the love & care that went into the piece. We like to refer to them as a wearable hug - as they bring tranquility, peace, & comfort.



Dragon Prayer Shawl


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