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Virgo New Moon

The New Moon is most commonly known as the first phase of the lunar cycle, typically only in view as a thin crescent of light. This stage of the cycle welcomes in new energy, encouraging us to set new intentions. The New Moon calls upon us to honor the divine cycles we have experienced so far in order to adjust & align ourselves with the path that leads to our truest self.

The New Moon of this month is in the sign of Virgo. This Earth sign is humble, logical, observant, patient, faithful, & industrious. Having the Moon in this placement causes our minds to pay more attention to the details of our reality & to release self doubt. Virgo encourages us to own our inner strength & energy, believing that everything we could ever need is already within us. With so many planets currently in retrograde, many of us might feel “stuck”, or like we are lingering in stagnant energy - But this New Moon is just what we need to push past these feelings.

The Earth energy of Virgo allows us to be grounded & create balance. This energy helps to manifest our dreams into reality, but we must be willing to put in the inner work. At this time, we are being called to evaluate where we are at in our lives & in our goals, be honest with yourself about this. Some change in our daily routine or personal habits may be needed, & that is more than okay! The Universe is here to guide us in the right direction by allowing us to reflect & realign whenever it is necessary. When we are called to have these moments of reflection, it is not meant to put immense pressure or stress on ourselves. It can simply be seen as a gentle reminder that if we want things to change, we have to look within ourselves & acknowledge what may need to be done differently.

Here is a simple ritual you can do to embrace the New Moon energy:

  1. Grab a bowl & fill it up with water.

  2. In a place where you feel comfortable, hold the bowl of water in your hands & look down at it.

  3. Begin a conversation with the bowl of water - Open up & don’t hold back. Tell it your secrets, fears, worries,& doubts. Tell it what it is that you wish to let go at this time.

  4. Take a few mindful moments to calm your breath & mentally step into a moment of visualization. Picture the negative, stagnant energy that has been lingering within, now exiting your body, absorbing into the bowl of water as if it was a magnet.

  5. When you are ready, give gratitude to the water for cleansing this energy from you.

  6. Pour the water somewhere outside, preferably into the Earth.

  7. To conclude the ritual, cleanse your home & sacred space with a smudge or sage stick.

Crystals to work with at this time:

  • Smokey Quartz to help release fear & doubt in order to realign our focus to our personal & spiritual growth.

  • Citrine to enhance intuition & increase confidence. Also attracts good luck & good fortune.

  • Labradorite to provide spiritual protection while welcoming new opportunities.

  • Carnelian to give us energy, courage, & motivation to push past self doubt & begin taking action.

  • Clear Quartz to balance the mind & provide clarity. Great for harnessing lunar energy & manifestation.

  • Aventurine to attract positive energy & drown out negative frequencies. Inspires perseverance & direction.

  • Jade to bring harmony, balance, tranquility, peace, & serenity. Also brings in luck, strength, good health & protection of the home.

  • Obsidian to absorb & transform all the negative energy while also providing protection from any spiritual, physical or mental blockages. Gives a powerful sense of grounding that can be used to manifest.


“I am ready to create a beautiful future for myself. I am in charge of what I think & how I feel. I choose to feel happy & excited about my life & my future. I focus my energy on moving forward, as I know great things are coming to me. I am ready for transformation!”

~ Happy New Moon!

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