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Spring Equinox Ritual

"Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems." – Rainer Maria Rilke

Today is the start of the Spring Equinox. Spiritually, the equinox symbolizes the struggle between darkness and light, death and life. During this sacred time, comes significant change. The days become longer and lighter. We are finally experiencing a change in the seasons after five chilly months.Winter ends and spring officially begins on the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. At this time of the year, the Sun is directly above the hemisphere, so the Sun's rays are reaching both halves equally, and the length of day and night are fairly equal. We often hear of the term "spring cleaning". We have created a ritual for you to cleanse during this time.


Cleansing your home is a great way to start with your ritual. Start by opening windows and letting in that crisp clean spring air. Use palo santo or smudge sticks to help remove negative energies from your space. Smudging is known to bring health, prosperity, and healing, and can be used in a ritual ceremony or house cleansing. After cleansing your space, take this time to manifest and journal. Focus on these questions:

  • During this time of year, what is awakening in you?

  • In what ways are you feeling the 'hope' of Spring emerging in your life?

  • How many times in your life have you experienced life, death, and rebirth? What did you learn from it?

Happy Spring Equinox! Sending blessings to all.

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