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Orienting one's self to the truth, obsidian draws one inward. Obsidian brings clarity to your mind, letting go of confusion and constricting beliefs, and encourages exploring the unknown. Obsidian intentions by providing a shield for the aura.

One of the black obsidian's most prominent healing properties is its ability to cleanse and ground. This chakra is rooted in the base chakras and is strongly connected to the earth. Feng shui is often used in homes as it is the perfect grounding force.

The black obsidian in many homes worldwide has excellent feng shui properties, but where is the best place to place it? The stone should not be placed on the floor but on top of a table or shelf. In addition, it shouldn't be put somewhere where it could be neglected as it should be cleaned regularly, especially if you carry a lot of negative energy.

How to charge and cleanse your obsidian:

  1. You can cleanse your crystals with running water or sage. This will help bring healing energies to you. Smudging the room will also eliminate negative energy in the air surrounding you and your crystals.

  2. Charging your crystals with moon water works well. On August 11th, set some water out in the moonlight, and use that to re-energize the crystals.

Love & Light!

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