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New Year Journaling Prompts

The new year is a time to rest and set new positive intentions for yourself. It is a symbol of new hopes, beginnings, and celebrations. One easy way to set positive intentions and have a time of reflection is to journal.

What you will need:

Start out by lighting a candle and clearing your mind of any racing thoughts. Get yourself into reflection mode and start answering these prompts:

Reflecting on 2021:

  1. What are 10 great things that happened or that I accomplished in 2021?

  2. What would I say if I was asked to describe myself?

  3. What bad habits can I leave behind?

  4. Can I let go of any grudges I am holding and leave that negative energy in the past?

  5. What can I let go of right now to make space for something better?

What do I want in 2022:

  1. What is a new experience I'd like to have

  2. What is something I can improve

  3. What do I want more of in 2022?

  4. What do I want to learn?

  5. What is one small thing I can do every day to better myself?


Grandmother Flordemayo

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