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Mal de Ojo ~ Evil Eye

Mal de Ojo, or Ojo Malo, is the belief that bad energy can be transferred to one with a glance or stare, specifically with the intention of causing harm or misfortune. Ojo Malo translates to “Evil Eye”, with the Eye symbolizing the belief that malicious energy could be pushed upon one with a hostile glare. Sometimes, these "looks" may not even be intentional, but they can still result in harmful effects.

This belief has origins from all over the world - Many cultures & groups of people have been using the talisman for protection for centuries. It is thought that every person has dealt with Evil Eye at one point or another in their lives, with children being the most vulnerable. Even pets & plants can be affected by this energy.

It is said that there are 3 types of Mal Ojo …

  1. Unconscious Evil Eye - When it is done without intention

  2. Envious or Conscious Evil Eye - With the intent of wishing harm, misfortune, & negativity to one

  3. Unseen Evil Eye - Hidden vicious evil, considered the most dangerous

The symbol of the Blue Eye represents protection, peace, & hope. It is considered sacred & is typically worn as a charm or jewelry. Mal de Ojo is worn for protection against these glances ... Warding off negative energy, bad spirits, or harm wished upon one. The Eye is commonly seen intertwined on a red string with knots, as it has its own spiritual properties. The red thread symbolizes protection, courage, strength, & ferocity. While the knots are believed to keep you safe, bring good fortune, & defend one against any negativity.

The Symptoms of Mal de Ojo can Manifest in...

  • Fever

  • Constant Headaches or Migraines

  • Nausea or Vomiting

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia or Night Terrors

  • Weakness

  • Loss of Appetite or Excessive Weight Loss without Explanation

  • Bad Luck & Misfortune

  • Unexplained Illnesses, Pains, Sensations, or Visions

  • Skin Issues such as Rashes, Acne Breakouts, Hives

  • Severe Hair Loss

  • Lack of Motivation or Depression

Tradition tells us if Ojo Malo is affecting one's life, the way to get rid of it is by doing a Limpieza, a cleaning. Some may even need multiple cleanings to banish the energy. Once cleaned, the Eye is kept close so that the malignant energy cannot return.

Types of Limpiezas…

  • Egg Cleanse Ritual (Most Common)

  • Using Herbs

  • Prayers & Unique Rituals/Ceremony Performed by a Curandera (Most Common)

It is said that the malicious Ojo energy affects children the most, especially newborns or young infants. When introducing new life to those around you, these unhappy glances are said to stick with the child. Children & babies are more susceptible to Evil Eye because they are so young, innocent, & small. Their aura is more accessible & their energy shield is not as strong. An adults gaze can cause an immense amount of energy to “shock” the little one, taking from their aura & energy .. eventually being followed by physical illness or symptoms.

The Symptoms Mentioned Before can be Shown in the Child, As well as...

  • Inexplicable Discomfort

  • Uncontrollable Crying or Colic

  • Constant Reflux

  • Tremors

  • Nightmares or Issues Sleeping

  • Other Sudden or Mysterious Illnesses Without Answer

In Hispanic tradition, if a stare was done without intention, it is helpful to have the person who gave the look to touch the baby, to take the negative energy back.

The Mal Ojo symbol can be seen in a variety of colors, with each color having a different meaning or purpose …

  • Orange Ojo: Happiness, Protection, Motivation, Commitment, Creativity, Joy

  • Dark Blue Ojo: Master Color, Spiritual Protection, Tranquility, Open Communication, Karma

  • Light Blue Ojo: Protection, Peace, Opens the Mind

  • Dark Green Ojo: Attracts Happiness, Stability, Freedom & Inspiration

  • Purple Ojo: Awakens the mind, Helps Find Balance, Removes Obstacles

  • Brown Ojo: Protection of the Home, Protection from the Elements, In Tune with Nature

  • Red Ojo: Provides Courage, Energy, Positivity, Protection from Fear & Anxiety

  • Yellow Ojo: Protection of Health, Helps Fatigue, Improves Concentration & Focus

  • Pink Ojo: Protects Friendships, Sense of Serenity, Soothing, Joyful

  • White Ojo: Purification, Brings Clarity, Overcome Obstacles, New Beginnings, Sharpens Focus

  • Light Green Ojo: Gratification, Cheerfulness, Success, Good health

  • Grey Ojo: Protects from Heartache, Encouragement for New Experiences, Emotional Stability

Lastly, here is a Mantra you can say for Mal de Ojo …

“With Love to all,

& Harm to none,

I release all negative & harmful energy that is not mine to carry.

I call out to my spirits, angels & guides,

To watch over me & to remove evil from my path.

I am divinely protected,

From anybody wishing harm or ill-will against my well being.

I repel any jealousy, evil, or unwanted intentions,

I am always protected.

Through envy, hate, anger, or sadness,

No evil formed against me shall prosper.”

~ Blessings of Love & Light

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