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Make Your Own Spirit Doll

Spirit Dolls: Cultures the world over have the tradition of creating dolls. A

representation of the human figure is often used in children's play. It is likely that dolls are the world’s oldest toy as there is evidence of them in the artifacts of ancient cultures. We can imagine children everywhere, imitating life by acting out stories using miniature human figures.

But while many of us think of dolls as playthings, they have also played a role in healing, medicine, and ceremony as well as voodoo or pagan rituals. Throughout history, dolls have been used for both positive and enlightening ways as well as negative or dark purposes.

Making Spirit Dolls: Start making your doll by strapping two sticks in a cross shape to

become the body and arms. Once they are securely attached, use

wadding and fabric to fashion the body and clothes. Remember to

include your written intention. Build up your doll shape by adding the

head, hair, and adornments. Ribbons, buttons, and baubles can be

added to decorate your spirit doll.

Once you have finished, give your doll a name, remind yourself of your

intention as you hold it close, and charge it with your energy. Place it

somewhere you will see it often, in your office, bedroom, and living

room. As a reminder of your wish for yourself and your future.

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1 Comment

Angie John Wall
Angie John Wall
Oct 14, 2021

Kia Ora, Thank you so much GrandMother Flordemayo, for taking the time to share these lovely wee snippets of wisdom. Aroha xx Angie xx

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