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Halloween Ritual

Build a festive altar for Halloween! Creating your altar is one of the most effective ways to work with ritual and intention. A sacred space is important to any kind of energy work, so dedicating your altar to honor the Halloween festivities is a special way to work with this upcoming holiday.

What you will need:

  • Festive candles

  • Crystals

  • Glass of water

  • Feathers

  • Photos or mementos of the departed who you wish to honor

  • Halloween festive altar decor (altar cloth, Halloween decorations, etc)


  • Place your candles in the middle of your altar

  • Determine the Four Directions and place your altar items in each direction as they correspond to the element. Crystals for Earth in the North, your chalice for Water in the West, a candle for Fire in the South, and your feathers for Air in the East.

  • Place seasonal items and personal mementos on your altar

  • Light the candles and offer a prayer of gratitude to the lost souls you wish to honor

  • Using candles is one of the fundamental means of working with energy in the most magical tradition.

Happy Halloween!

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