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Gratitude Journal

There are many benefits to gratitude journaling. As a result, you sleep better, feel better, and are more able to accept disruptions and changes in your life. Positive attitudes and outlooks for the future are improved by gratitude journaling.

  1. Start by choosing a journal that speaks to you. Sometimes a new journal is exactly what you need to inspire you to get started.

  2. Then move into focusing on your surroundings. Maybe you are grateful for the pen you’re holding and the journal you are writing in because it allows you to record your thoughts. Maybe you can be grateful that you have power and water in your house and a roof over your head, which allows you to comfortably write in your journal. You might be grateful for the comfortable bed you get to sleep in at night. Or it could be gratitude towards a good friend who reached out to you earlier in the day.

  3. Think about who you’re grateful for. This is an important step and prompt to focus on, as it connects us to others and increases our capacity for empathy and compassion. Write down who you are grateful for and why – this can be big or small things.

  4. Make gratitude journaling a daily ritual. Take a moment to consider how you can make writing in your journal a memorable and enjoyable experience. Consider the time of the day: some people prefer mornings, while others prefer nighttime. Be consistent every day.

Love, light, & gratitude!

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