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Earth Month Water Ritual

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

Happy Earth Month! This month especially, we focus on how we can respect the beautiful planet we live on and appreciate all it has to offer. Earth is a sacred center of ever-renewing life. Just notice these spring days in bloom.

Bless Your Water

Before you drink your water, express gratitude for the water that is about to nourish your body. Imagine it passing through you and leaving some of its calming and cleansing qualities behind.

Charge Your Crystals with Water

You can change your entire life’s path, and align with your highest self by appreciating the gifts around you. Water is a pure form of life. We need water to keep our bodies sustained and healthy, just as all living things thrive in, around, and because of water and it is the Earthly essence of being. Crystals charge the water so it becomes a vessel through which you can receive energy directly. Your vibrations are shifted into harmony with what you seek as the energy from crystals mixes with your own.


Grandmother Flordemayo

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