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December Self-Care

"Wisdom comes with winters." — Oscar Wilde

Spiritually, December represents unity and trust, a Divine connection, success in all areas of life, challenges, and commitments, and when your power is tested. Due to the Winter Solstice, December is like a rebirth of the year about the divinities' life, death, and rebirth or new beginnings. This month brings us many sacred and wonderful things, including family time, gift-giving, and celebrations. However, this time of year can often bring a sense of imbalance due to stress.

You can help with the extra stress of this month in many ways. We suggest meditating and making time for yourself and your mental health by focusing on the simpler things around you and the things you cannot control. This will create a sense of inner and outer peace that you and others can feel. With this dark period in winter, during this grounding time, we are dipping down more and more into ourselves. You can feel that resonance throughout your body when you take deep, deep breaths.

Meditation oil can be extra beneficial to achieving your highest state of calmness—rituals associated with winter bathing date back thousands of years. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical system in practice today, guides bathing as a purification process for the body, mind, and soul. Hindus bathe in the River Ganga and perceive its waters as holy nectar. The Romans used bathhouses built on natural hot springs for communal bathing. A sacred bath can help calm your body and mind, especially during the cold winter.

Remember that the next few months may be dark, but you are the light. Repeat that mantra to yourself as you meditate.

Love, Light, and December Blessings to All.

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