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“You are Love. There is nothing but Love. Love is all there is.” - Grandmother

Flordemayo. Throughout history, many spiritual practices and cultures all celebrated the importance of the heart. The heart is a symbol of love. The heart is known as the locus of physical and spiritual well-being. It represents compassion and understanding and has been referred to and believed to be the core of one’s humanity. Each heart is imprinted with my crystal skull's energy, my crystal heart collection, and has been in prayer with me. Crystals help with healing and protection, as well as meditation, and help you achieve a higher state of consciousness. Heart-shaped crystals have a pure, high vibration and are efficient tools to help activate the Heart chakra.

Ways to Use Crystal Hearts:

  • Place them on your body, preferably your chest to help you with emotional healing

  • Meditate with your crystal heart in the palm of your hand

  • Place your crystal heart on one of our Heart Crystal Grids

  • Add it to your spiritual altar

Blessings of Love and Light,

Grandmother Flordemayo

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