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Angel Number 74

As we proceed with the month of May, it is a beautiful month to celebrate our Blessings, Sacred Feminine Energy & Mother Earth in the Four Directions. "Goddess, Mother, & Grandmother" … this sacred feminine energy exists within all of us - love, nurturing, healing, wisdom, & guidance. Our divine feminine energy offers balance to the energy of our planet, Let us celebrate the feminine wisdom & nurturer within us.

Grandmother Flordemayo’s birthday is this month, on May 28th. She will be turning 74! With that being said, let's dive deeper into the meaning of the sacred number of 74 …

The angel number 74 is considered one of luck & encouragement. It is interpreted as a message that your guardian angels want you to trust yourself! Trust in your inner wisdom & intuition, hold them close as these are valuable tools for ultimately reaching your destined life path.

The number 74 has strong energy that can resonate with each individual's spiritual awakening. Ultimately, it is a symbol of good fortune! It serves as a reminder to stay dedicated & to not give up, even when times get tough. Our guides send this message as a sign of encouragement to trust ourselves to manifest the right decisions to live the life we dream of, one aligned with our highest purpose. By making these decisions, we pave the way of our spiritual journey … making a solid foundation for a beautiful future.

In numerology, the number 74 is simplified to the number 11 by adding the digits together. The number 11 is considered a Master Number, meaning it has a strong profound energy! The number 11 is seen as the “visionary” as it is a number of inspiration, enlightenment, & spiritual awakenings. Our guides use the energy of this number to awaken the vibrations of confidence within, in order for us to understand we have a profound potential we have yet to understand.

When seeing the number 74, it is also a gesture giving reassurance that our guides, spirits, & angels are always around to protect us. This message is for us to remember that our angels are looking out for us & ensuring we have what is necessary to reach the best possible outcome. Our guides are always around, but they also encourage us to communicate with them in return. They are here to help, but let them know where you need guidance, & how you want them to help you.

Since we are reaching the halfpoint of the year, this may also be a good time to set new goals! This can allow us to take a moment to reflect on where we are at in our lives & what we need in order to get to where we want to be. This will also be beneficial to your angels as they are always looking to support you, & if they know what it is that you want, they can be that much more efficient in making sure you stay on course!

When thinking of new goals, or how you can expand on current ones, think about your values & what is most meaningful to you….

  • What do you want most in life?

  • What is your passion?

  • What are your inner strengths?

  • What are the necessary steps I need to reach these goals?

  • Why do you want to reach these goals?

  • How would your life change by achieving these goals?

  • Are there specific problems you want to solve by setting these goals?

  • How do you expect to feel when reaching these goals?

Always remember to live your life with an open heart! Be accepting of yourself, accepting of change, & accepting of Divine assistance. Don’t fear potential failure, in any aspect of your life or being. Even when you think you may have failed, remind yourself you have gained experience, which ultimately rewards you with knowledge & courage that can only benefit your future.

A Kind Reminder ...

In honor of Grandmother Flordemayo’s 74th Birthday, We have created a Birthday Fundraiser with a goal of $3333.

If you would like to send a Birthday card or donation by check - please send it to:

Grandmother Flordemayo

3103 North Maywood Avenue

Boise, Idaho 83704

This would be a tax-deductible donation with all proceeds from this fundraiser benefiting The Path & Grandmother Flordemayo’s work for all of humanity.

We know that not everyone can donate however you can help by sharing this fundraiser, sharing social media posts, blogs, or videos from all of our pages.

~ Blessings of Love & Light

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