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8/8 Lions Gate Portal

Today, August 8, marks the 8/8 Lions Gate Portal. The power of this portal comes from the simultaneous alignment of stars, signs, numbers, & planets - The positioning of the Sun in Leo, Sirius the brightest star in the sky, the constellation Orion's Belt, & Earth. The rising star of Sirius is what activates this portal! The opening of this cosmic gate will deliver high-frequency energy into our being, allowing us to rebirth our spirit & strengthen our connection to the spirit of Mother Earth.

Through history, astrologers believed the rising of Sirius was the rebirth of Spirit. This rebirth transpires right in the heart of Leo season, the sign ruled by the Lion - Giving it the name of Lions Gate. The Lion is the true symbol of courage, power, strength, inner wisdom, leadership, & self realization. It is said that when the Lion begins to appear in your life, it is calling you to trust in yourself, your direction, & your capabilities … To take that leap of faith!

In this season, the bold, confident energy of Leo encourages us to shine & take action towards our goals. To move forward without fear, stand with power & trust, & have faith in our hearts. It is important to remember that the Universe supports us, & the Divine is behind us every step of the way.

The 8/8 Portal is the opportune time to manifest your highest desires, intentions, & true self. The energy that will emit from the opening of this portal will reawaken the heart, the mind, & the soul, allowing you to reconnect with your Inner Spirit. This connection will grant you the power to attune to your intuition & realign with your values & your truth. With an open heart & an open mind, you will find clarity on your path of personal growth, self discovery, & spirituality.

Today you are being called to:

  • Transcend your fears

  • Trust your intuition

  • Have faith in how things unfold

  • Feel the energy of love

  • Open your heart & mind

  • Believe the “impossible”

  • Realize your true self

  • Embrace the power & energy of the portal

  • Manifest your desires

  • Give gratitude for the blessings you already have & will receive

The numerology code of 88 is activated on this day & brings in an abundance of blessings. In numerology, the number 8 is considered the “achiever” & is measured by the goals it reaches. It is a powerful number with a drive for advancement - It represents success, abundance, & strength. It is also the number of balance, as it is symmetrical in shape, being an infinite continuous karmic cycle - For every blessing it receives, it sends one back to the Universe. If you see this number often, know that good things are coming your way!

Affirmations for the Lions Gate Portal:

  • I am in charge of my life & my reality.

  • I know my true self, who I am, & what I am capable of.

  • I am aligned with the energy of the Lions Gate Portal.

  • I am open to receiving abundant blessings from the Universe.

  • I am worthy of all the desires, success, love, & abundance I dream of.

  • I accept guidance from my spirits & angels.

  • I trust in the Universe & it’s divine timing, as I know good things are coming my way.

  • I release all doubts, fears, & anything else holding me back from reaching my highest potential.

  • I am give great gratitude for all that I have, & all that will come to me.

Use this Time & Energy to:

  • Tune into your higher consciousness.

  • Listen to your inner self & intuition.

  • Reawaken your spirituality.

  • Grow & transform with positivity.

  • Develop or Enhance your psychic abilities.

  • Manifest, manifest, manifest.

  • Release the old & Welcome new beginnings.

  • Embrace the high frequency energy.

  • Look out for spiritual messages in number sequences or dreams.

  • Accept change with confidence & trust.

Crystals or Spiritual Tools to Use:

  • Tigers Eye Crystals for focus, confidence, & luck

  • Jade Crystals for abundance, luck, & peace

  • Citrine Crystals for manifestation, clarity, & creativity

  • Lapis Lazuli Crystals for personal growth, inner vision, & mental clarity

  • Cinnamon Sticks for wealth, prosperity, & protection

  • Elephant figurines to attract blessings

  • Prosperity Frogs or other statues that attract fortune

  • Flowers like Orchids or Peonies for luck, abundance, & personal success

  • Incense to clear negative energy

  • Wear something Green to represent hope, growth, rebirth, luck, & abundance

  • Herbs such as Basil, Rosemary, Bay Leaves, & Lavender

  • Colored Ceremony Candles to use in alignment with your intentions

Ritual to Embrace the Energy of Today:

  1. Sit down with a pen & paper.

  2. Light a candle, specifically one that aligns with your intentions (Green for prosperity or luck, Red for strength & protection, White for purification & truth, etc.)

  3. Begin writing down a list of things you want to manifest.

  4. Add to this list, the intimidating things you would be able to do if you had that "extra courage” or fearlessness.

  5. When you are done writing, take 8 deep breaths, being mindful & present of the energy in the air.

  6. Now read your list aloud or in your head, reading them in present tense as if they are happening now (Ex. Instead of “I wish to land a high paying job I enjoy”, say it as “I am receiving abundant wealth at my dream job”.)

  7. As you read each statement, reflect on why you wish to manifest this, & what you would do for yourself & others once it becomes a reality. Think about the emotions you would feel once it happens, & visualize what it would look like.

  8. Once you are done, at the bottom of your paper write, “I have everything I need to manifest the life of my dreams!”

  9. Fold your paper towards you 4 times, turn it 90 degrees & fold another 4 times towards you (Folding it in your direction pulls the energy towards you so make sure you don't fold it in the opposite direction.)

  10. Now that you have your folded paper (it should somewhat be in the shape of a square), write an 8 or an infinity symbol on both sides.

  11. With the paper in your hands, place your hands over your chest, & now say out loud “I have everything I need to manifest the life of my dreams!”

  12. Place this paper on your altar, by your bedside, in your purse, or anywhere that is considered a sacred space to you.

~ Blessings on this Sacred Day!

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