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This is a hand-carved, obsidian blade from the land of the Maya. 


The Toltecs were an empire that were believed to be the heart of all art and wisdom. The rulers of the Toltecs were considered to be the wisest and noblest of all. The Toltec had leaders with strong, noble qualities making them the ideal warriors to lead their society including many gods. The Toltec people were taught how to write and measure time, grow crops and cotton, and to work with some of the most precious elements. It is believed that they created the arts, science and calendar of Mesoamerica. The word toltec is translated as “master artisan”.


If there is a situation which needs your attention or a decision which needs making, the energy of Tijax brings a degree of discernment to help you make the right choice. The nawal Tijax is often thought of as an obsidian blade or knife. How the blade is used depends on the intention of the person wielding it. You can use the blade to remove negative energy or attachments that you need to let go of. 


“Toltec” Obsidian Tijax Blade

  • Comes with a blade stand

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