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The literal meaning of the word Mandala means circle and circle mandalas are also one of the most commonly available forms of mandalas. Circles are significant in countless religions and traditions, primarily Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Ancient Hindu scriptures depict mandalas as a period of creativity, of powerful existence, and a symbol of a deeper connection with the self and the universe at large. In modern-day, mandalas have become a popular symbol of meditation, which aids in enhancing focus, silencing thoughts while meditating, combatting stress and anxiety, appreciating the beauty of nature, and forming a greater connection with oneself.

The circle symbolizes the wholeness of the man and represents the entirety of our psyche to exhibit the divinity of the Self. In most cultures, the circle is a symbol of unity, wholeness, and oneness, and it also symbolizes the womb, motherhood, and the act of nurturing. 

Vacuum insulation is a big deal if you care about beverage temperature change. Double-wall construction means that hot liquids can remain hot for up to 12 hours while colder choices can last 48 hours; that’s two whole days. These bottles are condensation-proof - no sweating or slipping. Built to fit standard vehicle cup holders, the stainless steel sides are scratch- and fade-resistant.

- One size: 22oz (0.65 l)
- Spill-proof design
- BPA free

Sacred Mandala Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle, 22oz


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