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Grandmother Flordemayo is kicking off a special fundraiser through Love & Light to benefit The Path. The Path is a small organization that primarily depends on individual giving. Our goal is to continue to raise much needed funding for The Path we are short on our annual fundraising goal for 2022.


We are raising money for The Path and Grandmother Flordemayo with our sacred hand carved crystal skulls, hand carved hearts, & hand carved dragons and dragon heads. Each crystal skull, dragon, & heart have been imprinted with Grandmother Flordemayo's crystal skull's energy. She believes that the sacred rocks, crystals, & crystal skulls all emit psychic energy, auras, & sounds with us to help heal humanity. Crystals & Crystal skulls have been used for energy & healing for thousands of years. 


Grandmother Flordemayo will intuitively pick a hand-carved crystal skull, crystal dragon, crystal dragon head, or carved heart; unless you send in a special request. Each item is imprinted with Grandmother Flordemayo’s crystal skulls & sacred items. Choose what item resonates with you & be mindful of your budget, send any special request with your order.


Crystal Compositions available include clear quartz, rose quartz, obsidian, amethyst, opalite, rhodonite, red obsidian, sodalite, bloodstones, agate, labradorite & more. Please contact us if there is a specific crystal type you want to purchase - if not, it will be intuitively picked for you as stated above. If you have any questions or inquiries about the compositions and crystals avalailable feel free to reach out to our Love & Light Team.


Anyone who participates in this fundraiser will also receive a few free gifts. These gifts include:

  • New Cathar’s Creed Altar Card 

  • Guatemalan Worry Doll & Small handout

  • New Path Ambassador Card

  • Seed paper heart filled with love, light, prayers, blessings & seeds 


Thank you so much for your contributions!

Many Blessings,

Love and Light & Grandmother Flordemayo 


*Pictures above feature a variety of crystals available for purchase - keep in mind when purchasing, it is only for one individual crystal.

Sacred Crystal Skull Fundraising Initiative


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