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This gift set is essential for one who needs the extra guidance of our angels & spirits to get them through hardships or simply to bring blessings. Anyone can benefit from the potent power of these organic magic jars.


Magic Jars are small jars using organic, natural ingredients from Mother Earth itself to help physically manifest & visualize our intentions. Each jar was carefully handcrafted, put together, sealed & blessed with love & light. Every set we carry has been blessed by the sacred prayer & energy of Grandmother Flordemayo.


These jars can be placed by ones bedside, window, family room, home entrance, altar, work place, etc. Anywhere that one needs the magic energy to radiate for them. 


Each set comes with a guide/handout with sacred mantras and affirmations.


The set includes a:

- Protection Jar

- Dream Jar

- Self Love Jar

- Prosperity Jar

- Healing Jar

- Everyday Blessings Jar

Moonlit Magic Jars Set


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