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The Milagros Set is perfect to bring love, light, and blessings. This set includes:

  • Milagros Jaguar I'x Charm
  • 7 Chakra Balance Bracelet


The word Milagro in Spanish means “miracle” or “surprise” and people in the past and present use them as symbols to wish others good luck, good health, and hope for the future. 


I’x (pronounced Ish). It is at the heart of a shift in human consciousness. I’x nawal or totem, is the Jaguar, tiger, and feline feminine energy. Through the energy of I’x it can connect you to the creative forces of the universe. It’s the bridge between the real and the unreal. It reminds us we are both celestial and terrestrial beings. Through the energy of I’x open yourself to a fuller understanding of the Feminine, connect in prayer and ritual, and embrace the spirit of the Feminine in yourself and our world. 


Wear the 7 Chakra Balance Bracelet to relax and balance your chakras. It is believed that by wearing the chakra beads, negative energy is absorbed and absolved from the body. The cleansing of this energy not only helps one feel better physically, but emotionally, mentally & spiritually as well. The chakras will be activated & open to allow a balancing flow of energy within. 

Milagros Set


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