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Love and Light has the perfect gift intuitively picked for yourself or your loved ones that says, 'Happy Birthday', 'thank you', 'congratulations' and 'I love you' or 'blessings'. Love and Light offerings are a collection of intuitively chosen, healing crystals & gemstones, meditation oils, sacred baths, clearing and smudging tools and products.  All our crystals are imprinted with Grandmother Flordemayo's crystal skulls, ancient wisdom and energy.  Each gift we hope will bring the recipient love, light, blessings, empowerment and healing into their life. 


We can personalize any gift ~ adding a special card for the special occasion and include a special message.  Each gift will be unique and intuitively picked out for each person.


*Images presented are examples of what you could expect to see in a gift package, products may vary as each gift is intuitively picked. If you have a special idea or request please send us a message upon purchasing the package value.

Intuitive Surprise Gift Packages


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