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I would like to share the message of “The Golden Child”. I was at a gathering in March of 2010 and from my bed I felt the presence of someone coming into my room.

The Cosmic Voice called me –– “FLORDEMAYO”–– I was sitting in a lotus position and saw a Holy One floating, or gliding into my room. He was wearing a red robe, red, like the color of a watermelon, and he said, “I have a gift for you.”


I extended my arms and he placed an Egg that was made of Earth. It was quite big and weighed nearly 14 pounds. I held this Egg on my lap, and I started to chant, “You are Love. There is nothing but Love. Love is all there is.”

As I was doing this I was moving my hands up and down, cradling and caressing the Egg. I continued my chant for many hours and I energized the Egg with the words and the blessings of the chant. “You are Love. There is nothing but Love. Love is all there is.”


Then I witnessed the Egg change from Earth to Falling Crystalline Snow… as the Egg opened, a newborn baby started wiggling out of the Egg. I was SO Amazed I started crying and I said, “Baby, look at you! You are so beautiful…” This child was physically perfect and was Gold from head to toe.

As I continued to cry, I shouted to the universe “BABY, You are Golden. Look at You, You have little wings…” I cried again to the Universe and said “BABY… You are androgynous…Look at You! You are so Beautiful!”


In between my tears, and witnessing the beauty of the cosmic eyes of this Golden Child, I noticed that the light of the dawn was beginning to come through my window. I was in a state of grace, when the others I was with woke up, I shared this vision with them and we were all in a state of grace.

Not too long ago, I had a continuation of this vision. Now I am taking care of more of these crystalline Eggs. In my most recent vision, I was like a mother hen, positioning them in a certain way and caring for them. These babies have not yet been born.


Love and light,



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Golden Child Pendant


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