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A Chakra is an energy center. The 7 chakras work in unison to create life force energy. The body, mind, and spirit benefit from balance.


The 7 chakras are:

1. The Root Chakra – Muladhara

2. The Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

4. The Heart Chakra – Anahata

5. The Throat Chakra – Vishuddha

6. The Third Eye Chakra – Ajna

7. The Crown Chakra – Sahasrarad chakras.


Crystal grids are a special arrangement of crystals and stones set on a geometric pattern to combine their unique energies with intent. Charge your crystals or create working grids to accomplish specific tasks or goals. These boards create a physical representation of patterns for use in grid workings. Great for beginners or seasoned workers these boards are meant to last lifetimes. 


8 x 8 in

Chakra Crystal Grid


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