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Obsidian draws one inward to the center of the Self, to the place of truth. It is a stone of integrity and deep soul cleansing, anchoring the spirit into the body to stimulate growth on all levels. It can block harmful intentions by providing a shield for the aura. Obsidian brings clarity to your mind, letting go of confusion and constricting beliefs, and encourages exploring the unknown.

I have many obsidian objects and recommend everyone have obsidian for their spiritual work, altars, and sacred bundle to bring to the ceremony.

This week we began a new Trecena. It started on Thursday, February 10th, at 1 Tijax on the Sacred Mayan calendar. This energy will continue until February 23rd is under the influence of the Mayan daylord Tijax. It is the perfect sacred time to use the power of tijax during this trecena to help you remove all that does not serve you, heal, eliminate grudges and remove any negative energy surrounding you.

The Tijax is the obsidian knife with a double blade representing a cutting edge. This unique tool removes any negative energies surrounding us.

Tijax comes from the beautiful stone obsidian - notably the obsidian knife. It is the Nawal of the sacred stones and the sacred ceremonial altars.

Tijax helps us with healing. Tijax is the power of lightning and thunder. It is the sorrow and pain that causes wounds. It is also the healing from Mother Earth.

“May your sacred path clear and filled with blessings.”

Grandmother Flordemayo

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