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Mercury Retrograde: Rose Quartz Meditation Ritual

Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to let go and meditate. Simply closing your eyes, and being present in the moment is more than enough. Plus, Mercury retrograde is notorious for causing anxiety, so this exercise will benefit you either way. The fair and lovely rose quartz, with its gentle pink essence, is a stone of the heart, a crystal of unconditional love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. It speaks directly to the heart chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and circulates a Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. Reawakening the heart to its own innate love, it provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment, allowing one the capacity to truly give and receive love from others

What you will need for this ritual:

  • Rose quartz

  • A quiet space to meditate

  • Sage smudge stick

  • A positive mindset

It is important to sage your space before your ritual takes place. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Place your rose quartz crystal over your heart, and take several breaths. Inhaling and exhaling deeply, imagining a beautiful white light shining straight from your heart into the sky.

Blessings of Love & Light,

Grandmother Flordmayo

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