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Make Your Own Walking Staff

Making a staff for use in the woods or for use in magical rituals can be a fun project for any age!

What you will need:

  • Wood that is the proper height (any wood that feels good for you)

  • Pocket knife or knife

  • Wood Stain

  • Candles to bless your staff

Step 1:

Collect the wood for your staff. An ideal walking staff should go up to your chin in length.

Step 2:

Remove any bark or notches that are on the stick.

Step 3:

Seal with wood stain. If you want to give your staff a clean and durable finish, stain it with a good wood finish or wipe the stain. Typically, you should do a few coats, wiping on a thin layer evenly, then wiping it off and applying more layers. Do at least 3, and do more coats to achieve a darker stain.

Step 4:

Charge or bless your staff. Put your lit candles around the staff and set positive intentions.

Blessings of Love and Light,

Grandmother Flordemayo

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