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Make Your Own Gratitude Jar

Gratitude jars are a perfect activity to do around the holidays to remind you of all of your blessings and what you are grateful for. You can use it to record and collect moments that you're thankful for.

What You Will Need:

• Clear Jar (glass or plastic)

• Art Supplies such as ribbons or stickers (*optional if you want to decorate your jar)

• Gratitude Slips (blank strips of paper you can write on)

Writing Prompt Ideas:

  • Who makes a positive impact on your life and why

  • Things you're looking forward to

  • Basic needs that you have in your life that are met

  • Things you've learned recently

  • Things you've moved on from

  • Memories you're grateful for

  • Opportunities

  • Name a struggle you currently have. What about that struggle makes you grateful?

  • What positive changes in your personality have happened in the last year?

Blessings of Love & Light,

Grandmother Flordemayo

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