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Grandmother Flordemayo’s Full Moon Wish Ritual

Today is the September Full Moon, also known as the Harvest Moon. It is in the water sign, Pisces. To gain the most from this Harvest Moon, set your intentions, find your balance {spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally}, and focus on getting rid of anything harmful that doesn’t serve you.

It is no wonder we are in tune with the moon. The moon’s gravitational pull causes predictable rises and falls in the sea levels, and our bodies are primarily made of water - we feel this connection, and we feel the benefit of the different moon phases. Tuning into nature, the moon and the four sacred elements are shown to help us understand ourselves on a deeper level. This is why full moon rituals are so important - they help each of us get into alignment with the cycles of nature.

What You Will Need:

Grandmother Flordemayo’s Full Moon Wish Ritual:
  • Write down your Wish

  • Read it out loud ( 3 times), preferably while the Full Moon is shining

  • Set the Intention and Visualize the Full Moon helping manifest that Wish

  • You can decide to burn the wish safely you have written after reading it or leave it on your altar until the New Moon.

  • Place your sacred crystals nearby if you wish for extra manifestation

Blessings of love and light on this Sacred Day!

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