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Full Moon August Ritual: Moon Water

Today will bring the second Aquarius Full Moon this year. Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer, which has the capability to take the emotions (water) of the world, convert them using the power of the air, and return them to the earth cleansed and revived. This moon will inspire us to embrace our individuality and to make necessary adjustments to support our own personal intentions. Ultimately, it helps us to align with the abundant and nourishing energy of the summer season.

Tools: A mason jar or cup with a lid and water

Step 1: Take your cup, fill it with water, and place it outside in the direct light of the moon overnight. As you place your water outside, spend a few minutes considering your intentions for the lunar cycle ahead – and what is to come. In the morning, collect the jar. There are many different things you can do with your moon water including:

Drink it: Reminding yourself about the intentions you set and the power the moon has.

Use it to bathe your crystals: Crystals absorb all kinds of energy around them. When you bathe them in moon water, it can amplify their power and refresh them.

Facial Spray: Put the moon water into a spray bottle (add small crystals or stones if you’d like) and use it to spray on your face.

Always remember to set your intentions for this transition with love and light.

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