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Our Monthly Webinar Offerings

Unite with us virtually for our monthly online webinars, where we come together as a spiritual community to explore & deepen our understanding of various mystical & esoteric subjects. Each session is a unique opportunity to delve into current astrological trends, harness the power of the full moon, & discover new magical tools, practices, & rituals. Whether you're seeking guidance, knowledge, or a sense of connection, our webinars offer a welcoming space for both seasoned practitioners & curious newcomers.

Engage in enriching discussions, gain valuable insights, & enhance your spiritual journey alongside like-minded individuals from around the world. Come be part of our vibrant, virtual gatherings & experience the magic that unfolds each month!

~ JULY ~
Astrology, Full Moon, & Wisdom Circle

July (Rectangle).png

Join Grandmother Flordemayo, Heather, Emily, & Valeria for our monthly webinar offering for Spiritual Seekers, Light Workers, & Astrologers!

The Full Buck Moon carries themes of strength, transformation, & progress. It is a time to harness our inner power & focus on the areas of our lives that require perseverance & dedication. Just as the bucks’ antlers grow & prepare them for challenges ahead, we too are encouraged to fortify our spirits & prepare for the future. This moon invites us to celebrate our achievements & recognize the continuous journey of self-improvement & resilience.

The registration fee is a tax-deductible donation.

If you cannot be present live, register anyways to receive a recorded version of the webinar!

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