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Active Shift Network Online Courses

Dive into the following selection of dynamic online courses by the Shift Network! Explore our current lineup of engaging courses designed to inspire, educate, & empower you on your journey of personal & spiritual growth.


Be sure to check back regularly, as our course offerings are frequently updated with fresh content & exciting new topics. Don't miss out on the opportunity to expand your knowledge & unlock your full potential.


Healing Beyond Western Medicine

Become your own doctor & healer when you alchemize your body’s own healing potential


Explore Shamanic Plant Spirit Initiations

Work With Nature’s Gifts to Access Your Higher Self as a Plant Spirit Healer


Where Modern Science & Ancient Traditions Meet in Shamanic Energy Medicine

Align With Your Divine Design for Longevity & Vibrant Health as a Neuro-Shaman & Earthkeeper


Discover Mind-to-Matter Science

Train Your Brainwaves to Transform Your Health & Create Your Own Reality


The Power of Energy Medicine for the Aging Brain

Learn 3 Techniques to Build Neuroplasticity, Detox Your Brain & Strengthen Your Vagus Nerve


Discover Chakra Drumming Fusion

A profound glimpse into the possibility drumming holds to transform the overwhelming areas of our lives into pulsating presence


The Hidden Key to Receiving Accurate Higher Guidance & Clear Intuition

Open the Lesser-Known Alta Major Chakra to Enhance Your Health & Improve Your Life


Discover the 4 Cycles of Shaolin Qigong

Practice an Ancient Movement Meditation That Protects Your Strength, Resilience & Immunity


Experience Sacred Breath

Ancient Techniques for Elevating Your Health & Consciousness From a Renowned Western Prāṇāyāma Master

Bilocatio Rec.jpeg

Discover Bi-Location to Experience the Multidimensional Nature of Your Soul

What if you knew without a doubt that knowledge, guidance, love, and support were always within your reach? 


Explore Compassion in Spirituality With Master Eckhart’s Wisdom

Cultivate the Divine essence of compassion through the unifying teachings of world mystics to free yourself from judgment, isolation, & despair


Discover Ways to Voice Your Melodic Narrative Through Afri-Sufic Sound

Sacred, Creative & Uplifting Sound-Healing Practices Born of the African Diaspora

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