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Active Shift Network Online Courses

Dive into the following selection of dynamic online courses by the Shift Network! Explore our current lineup of engaging courses designed to inspire, educate, & empower you on your journey of personal & spiritual growth.


Be sure to check back regularly, as our course offerings are frequently updated with fresh content & exciting new topics. Don't miss out on the opportunity to expand your knowledge & unlock your full potential.


Get to Know Your Own Energy Anatomy

Energy anatomy training for greater health, harmony & vitality


Tune in to Your Harmonious Voice

Sing your way to inner balance & a vital sense of belonging, finding your perfect harmony inside & out


Discover Qigong Practices for Clearing Stress & Building Your Immune System

Increase resilience, remain balanced in times of challenge, build a powerful immune system, & access your life-force energy 


Introducing the Emotion Code

Discover a proven approach to energy healing that releases trapped emotions & resolves underlying imbalances


How to Upgrade Your Intuition

Learn a potent process for connecting with the other side & embrace your intuitive gifts by mastering this simple process


Dream Medicine for Your Soul

Explore ancient dreaming traditions provide medicine for your soul, healing, magic & transformation

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Connect with the Sacred Hummingbird to Drink the Healing Nectar of Higher Consciousness

Connect to the healing portal of animals with shamanic rituals to evolve your consciousness & access the shamanic wisdom of royal animals

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Transform Stress Into Strength with Dynamic Embodiment Practices

Experience a ritual somatic movement practice to embody peace & discover grounding techniques to harmonize your body, mind & spirit


Navigate Your Spiritual Meltdown

Awaken your Divine Essence to make daily life a portal for deep aliveness & sacred transformation, developin a more intimate connection with the sacred


Create Miracles Through Radical Energy Healing

Reconnect to the power of your soul & embody your true Self by working with the Divine Pathway, using energy medicine tools for calling in guidance & creating change


Healing with the Magdalene

Empower your spirit on a journey of rebirth, explore the Sacred Feminine, & revive your spirit as you dive into the Magdalene’s healing journey


Explore Somatic Trauma Therapy

Add Somatic Trauma Therapy techniques to your healing practices for guided internal safety & connection

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