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Active Shift Network Online Courses

Dive into the following selection of dynamic online courses by the Shift Network! Explore our current lineup of engaging courses designed to inspire, educate, & empower you on your journey of personal & spiritual growth.


Be sure to check back regularly, as our course offerings are frequently updated with fresh content & exciting new topics. Don't miss out on the opportunity to expand your knowledge & unlock your full potential.

Join Grandmother Moetu-Taiha for


Cultivate Your Ancestral Connections
to Awaken Your Purpose

You know that profound sense of connection & peace that washes over you & grounds, rejuvenates, & elevates your spirit when you gaze on the ocean or hike through a forest? That feeling of belonging to the natural world?

What if you could carry that feeling of connectedness, belonging, & balance with you in every moment?

Respected Indigenous elder Grandmother Moetu-Taiha is a revered wisdom keeper with deep roots in the Māori tradition. Her lineage traces back to powerful healers & spiritual leaders, making her a conduit of ancient knowledge & profound spiritual insight. 

Her new course offers a plethora of shamanic practices & personalized rituals that can help you naturally experience a stronger sense of belonging & oneness with the natural & ancestral world.​​​


 Release Stuck Trauma & Tension With Somatic Movement

Experience gentle movement techniques to manage pain & reduce tension


Become a “Medical Mystic”

Explore Indigenous tools & practices of medical intuition 


Cultivate Self-Love with the 12 Pillars of Breathwork

Open channels of healing within yourself through your breath


Discover Your “Clock Genes”

Optimize your daily routines with ancient wisdom


Grow a Healing Chakra Garden

Learn how a chakra garden can add vigor to your health & goals


Soul Regression & Channeled Wisdom

Discover the Divine Virtues of patience, forgiveness & self-love


Experience the Nurturing, Loving Energy of Money

Invite abundance in by aligning your values with the true value of money 


Connect With the Magic of Your Ancestral Mothers

Access the unconditional love you crave for support & self-acceptance


Doorways Into the Wu with Stones & Crystals

Healing stones & crystals to calm your nervous system


Experience the Magic of Signs, Symbols & Synchronicities

Be guided by life’s synchronicity and signs & symbols in your dreams


Qigong for Renewal, Empowerment & Joy

Movement medicine to rebirth you


Recalibrate & Transform Your Pain

Relieve your pain with mindful, gentle somatic movement


Discover Your Innate “Animal Whisperer” Skills

Understand your pets using telepathic connection 

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