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Spiritual Virtual Consultation ~ Plática

  • 15 min
  • Online Zoom Meetup

Service Description

We begin with “plática, the confidential heart to heart conversation held between the curandera and their client. Plática is done before every private session, ceremony or ritual. It is the time you spend sharing what is “on your heart” and why you have brought yourself to be seen by Heather, a curandera. Maybe you need answers to questions? Perhaps you need guidance? Maybe you need some relief from the grief of a lost loved one? Perhaps it is navigating a trauma. I'm here to help you. I am a Multi-Generational Curandera, Intuitive, Psychic, Empath, and Medium. I am Grandmother Flordemayo's oldest child and only daughter. Since I was a small child, I have been able to relay messages from the Divine to those around me. Spirits who have passed and angels speak to me, but my intuitive psychic abilities mainly guide me. My "sessions - readings" are like healing sessions; I call them "Spiritual Sessions." Think of it as "Spiritual Soul Therapy," and I am your "Spiritual Soul Friend and Intuitive Therapist!" Along with Spiritual Soul Sessions, I also provide Mayan Cosmic Charts & Guidance Sessions, Energetic Egg Limpias and Readings, House or Business Cleansing. Although soul therapy and energy work can be worked on in one visit, it often takes a few to several visits to work through the deeper or more challenging issues. I am here to work with you so that we can work on finding balance, peace, guidance, and answers to questions. I look forward to meeting you virtually and being of assistance.

Contact Details


Boise, Idaho, USA

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