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Each scrying mirror was carefully handcrafted and polished in the land of the Maya.


Yin is the symbol of femininity, earth, darkness and acceptance. Yang is the symbol for masculinity, heaven, light and perception. The Yin Yang symbol combined together represents the interconnectedness of the universe. There can be no positive without a negative, no light without shadow, no day without night, no water without fire. The symbol itself is illustrated with a dividing line in a curve, representing the constant flow connection of the two. Yin and Yang represent everything that we know, as well as everything we have yet to understand. These opposite forces join together, making one another whole - create the idea of living a life of balance in order to find harmony.


Obsidian is a wonderful tool to help you look into your inner self and discover those things you may have buried in the past. Obsidian can also help you block out all the negativity in your life and help you channel it in positive ways. 


Yin Yang Obsidian Mirror

  • Diameter: 3 inches

  • Comes with a mirror stand

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