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This E-book is in celebration of The Path 10 year Anniversary. The Path is more than a place, it is a spiritual sanctuary, it is a place of prayer, it is a place for ceremony. We all have our spiritual Path. Your spiritual path is very personal, regardless of your beliefs. For many, following a spiritual path is like searching for something that makes them complete. That is why Grandmother Flordemayo founded The Path.


To be on a spiritual path means to live mindfully, pay attention to the road's signs, and be conscious of our mind, body, and spirit. To be on a spiritual path means to look inward as often as outward. It knows that the externals of our lives are reflections of our thoughts, words, and manifestations of what we are imagining. It energizes us into being with the fuel of our passion. The Path is on a 40- acre piece of property in Estancia, New Mexico, just east of Albuquerque. Estancia translates as the “place of rest.” On the 40- acres are Flordemayo’s five sacred temples of humanity: The Temple of The Golden Child, The Water Temple, The Fire Temple, The Seed Temple, and The Earth Temple. These sacred sites serve as places for ceremonies, celebrations, group teachings, and beautiful reminders of our deep connection with Mother Earth.


The Path is the realization of Grandmother Flordemayo’s original vision of a place where the sacred heritage seeds are protected for future generations. It has existed since 2012 and serves as a source of seed for the local area, including The Estancia Seed Library, as well as for many individuals in New Mexico and elsewhere. The many gatherings on the site have involved educational classes, sharing of seeds, and the celebration of the spirituality carried in the seeds. We do not sell the seeds themselves.


You can invest in this critical mission by giving a suggested donation of $10 or becoming a sustaining member today.


When you make an investment in the Path you are investing in the Future of Humanity !


Link to Annual Fundraiser:


An incredibly powerful video on The Path


If you want to send a check please send to 

The Path 

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