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Small hand beaded medicine bags can be used for carrying various items of spiritual power that constituted their personal medicine. Handmade from our select artists from Central America and local artisans in New Mexico, double-sided velvet, hand-beaded strap, and each medicine bag are made with prayers, love, and light. They can be worn around your neck or stowed in your possible bag. Great for any small accouterments as well, special herbs, sage for smudging, personal power stones, crystals, fetishes, and more.


Indigenous people have long carried small talismans for protection. Stone Fetishes are these types of protective spirits. These carved animals embody the powerful spirits of the actual animal they represent. These powers are then transferred to the person who carries and cares for the fetish. In order to properly care for a fetish, it must be fed blue and yellow cornmeal, wrapped in a protective pouch, and acknowledged daily. We have just the pouch for that special fetish. Medicine bags are another wonderful item used by Native people. All medicine bags have been blessed by Grandmother Flordemayo and spent time with her personal crystal skulls.


*Small Sacred Ash from Fire Ceremony on 12/12/12 included

Small Dragonfly Medicine Bag - Olive

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