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This is a hand-carved, obsidian blade from the land of the Maya.


The Mayans conceived the conception of wisdom and knowledge from indigenous shamanism. They believed that wisdom was essential in one's life journey to be in balance and have stability. Knowing life has moments of pain, despair and struggle, wisdom gives one the knowledge of how to conduct themselves and their affairs. In shamanic beliefs, we are ever changing, self masking and self disguising- in other words self transmuting. 


If there is a situation which needs your attention or a decision which needs making, the energy of Tijax brings a degree of discernment to help you make the right choice. The nawal Tijax is often thought of as an obsidian blade or knife. How the blade is used depends on the intention of the person wielding it. You can use the blade to remove negative energy or attachments that you need to let go of. 


“Shaman” Obsidian Tijax Blade

  • Comes with a blade stand

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