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The Ojo Bracelet is available in a beautiful variety of colors, with each color having a different meaning.


The colorful eye charms, known as the "Evil Eye" or "Mal de Ojo", is a talisman made for protection. The charm is believed to ward off negative energy, bad spirits, or harm wished upon one. The evil eye charm is considered sacred and have a strong significance in Hispanic cultures.


The "ojos" symbolize protection, peace, & hope - while also representing courage, strength, & ferocity. 


  • Red Ojo: Provides Courage, Energy, Positivity, Protection from Fear & Anxiety

  • Dark Blue Ojo: Master Color, Spiritual Protection, Tranquility, Open Communication, Karma

  • Purple Ojo: Awakens the mind, Helps Find Balance, Removes Obstacles

  • White Ojo: Purification, Brings Clarity, Overcome Obstacles, New Beginnings, Sharpens Focus

  • Pink Ojo: Protects Friendships, Sense of Serenity, Soothing, Joyful

Ojo Bracelet


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