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Our Crystal Apple Necklace is available in a variety of colors/crystal compositions.


In "Magick", the Apple symbolizes:

  • Love
  • Knowledge
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Gratitude
  • Generosity
  • Harvest
  • Abundance


You can choose between these Crystal Types:


  • Red Jasper - Powerful healing stone known as the "Stone of Endurance".  Provides protection, a sense of tranquility, emotional balance, & strength.
  • Watermelon Quartz - Balances emotions & tempers, eliminates inner restlessness spefically in the heart & mind. Also provides tranquility, peace & harmony.
  • Yellow Jade - Known as the "Stone of Wisdom", it encourages confidence, inner strength, positivity, intellegence, awareness, & focus.
  • Tiger's Eye - A protective stone, it attracts luck, confidence, resilience, clarity, focus, & good fortune.
  • Clear Quartz - "Stone of Universal Healing", it improves psychic abilities, healing, positive energy, mental clarity, emotional balance, calmness focus, & luck.



Crystal Apple Necklace

Crystal Type

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