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The Golden Child 14th Year Anniversary

In 2010, during a profound dialogue with the Beloved Mother, Flordemayo received a cosmic vision that continues to inspire our collective journey. In this vision, she was given an egg made of Earth, a symbol of new life & transformation. As Grandmother Flordemayo chanted words of love & blessing, the egg transformed, revealing a newborn baby adorned in gold – the Golden Child.

The vision of the Golden Child represents the birth of peace & harmony into humanity, a beacon of hope in a world seeking healing & unity. The Temple of the Golden Child serves as a sacred space where ancient wisdom & Divine grace converge, nurturing the seeds of love & compassion in every heart.

The Golden Child Vision

Told from the words of Grandmother Flordemayo …

“I would like to share the message of ‘The Golden Child.’ I was at a gathering in March of 2010, & from my bed I felt the presence of someone coming into my room.

The Cosmic Voice called me … ‘FLORDEMAYO’ … I was sitting in a lotus position & saw a Holy One floating, gliding into my room. He was wearing a red robe, red, like the color of a watermelon, & he said, ‘I have a gift for you.

I extended my arms & he placed an Egg that was made of Earth in my embrace. It was quite big & weighed nearly 14 pounds. I held this Egg on my lap, & I started to chant, ‘You are Love. There is nothing but Love. Love is all there is.’

As I was doing this I was moving my hands up & down, cradling & caressing the Egg. I continued my chant for many hours & I energized the Egg with the words & the blessings of the chant, ‘You are Love. There is nothing but Love. Love is all there is.

I was suspended between the Heavens & Earth when suddenly I witnessed the Egg change from Earth to falling crystalline snow … As the Egg opened, the essence of the egg sprinkled onto the Earth, showering humanity in the four directions. Then a newborn baby started wiggling out of the Egg. I was SO Amazed I started crying & I said, ‘Baby, look at you! You are so beautiful…’ This child was physically perfect & was Gold from head to toe.

As I continued to cry, I shouted to the Universe ‘Baby, You are Golden. Look at You, You have little wings…’ I cried again to the Universe & said ‘Baby, You are androgynous. Look at You! You are so Beautiful!

In between my tears, & witnessing the beauty of the cosmic eyes of this Golden Child, I noticed that the light of the dawn was beginning to come through my window. I was in a state of grace, when the others I was with woke up, I shared this vision with them, & in prayer,  we were all in a state of grace.

Not too long ago, I had a continuation of this vision. Now I am taking care of more of these crystalline Eggs. In my most recent vision, I was like a mother hen, positioning them in a certain way & caring for them. These babies have not yet been born.”

Celebrating 14 Years

In spirituality, numbers are often seen as symbols of Divine guidance & communication. The number 14 may be interpreted as a message from the Universe or Divine forces to remain focused on one's goals & aspirations, while also being diligent & disciplined in their actions. It represents support & guidance by higher powers, as we navigate through life's challenges & pursue our different spiritual paths. The number 14 encourages us to trust in the Divine plan for our lives & to take practical steps towards manifesting our dreams & fulfilling our true soul's purpose.

Here are a few potential spiritual meanings associated with the number 14:

  • Transformation & Renewal: It represents a period of spiritual growth & evolution, where individuals undergo inner changes & emerge renewed & transformed.

  • Karmic Lessons: The number 14 may also symbolize experiences. It could indicate that individuals are going through a phase of learning & growth, where they are confronted with challenges & opportunities to overcome past patterns & evolve spiritually.

  • Balance & Harmony: This number emphasizes our connection to balance & harmony. It suggests that individuals should strive to achieve balance in all aspects of their lives—mentally, emotionally, physically, & spiritually—in order to experience greater harmony & fulfillment.

  • Divine Guidance: In the context of angel numbers or Divine messages, the number 14 is seen as a sign of guidance & support. It indicates that individuals are being led & protected by spiritual forces or higher beings as they navigate their spiritual journey.

  • Manifestation & Creativity: The number 14 suggests that we have the power to manifest our desires & create positive change in our lives through focused intention, creativity, & alignment with our spiritual purpose.

The spiritual meaning of the number 14 encourages us to embrace transformation, seek balance & harmony, learn from experiences, & to trust in the Divine as we journey on our spiritual path.

The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg from Grandmother Flordemayo’s message was specific with a vision for humanity being born. With that being said, Golden Eggs hold significant spiritual symbolism across various cultures & traditions. Some interpretations of its meaning include:

  • Abundance & Prosperity: The Golden Egg represents abundance, wealth, & prosperity. It symbolizes the potential for growth & success, as well as the blessings of abundance that come from the Universe.

  • Fertility & Creation: It represents the Divine Feminine & the power to give birth to new life, ideas, or opportunities. It symbolizes the creative potential within each of us & the ability to bring our dreams & aspirations into fruition.

  • Transformation & Rebirth: Just as life hatches from its egg, the Golden Egg represents the potential for personal growth, spiritual awakening, & the emergence of a new self or identity.

  • Divine Protection & Blessings: It is believed to contain sacred energy or blessings from the Divine, offering guidance, support, & protection to those who possess it.

  • Spiritual Enlightenment: It also represents the quest for higher consciousness. It symbolizes the journey of self-discovery, inner wisdom, & the pursuit of spiritual truth & enlightenment.

Overall, the Golden Egg is a powerful symbol that embodies themes of abundance, creation, transformation, & Divine blessings. It reminds us of the limitless potential within ourselves & the sacredness of life's cyclical nature, encouraging us to embrace change, pursue our dreams, & connect with the Divine energy that surrounds us.

A Golden Baby

Although the Golden Child Vision was individual to Flordemayo, its message can resonate with anyone. A Golden Baby holds significant symbolism in various spiritual & cultural traditions from all over the world. Some different interpretations of its meaning are the following:

  • Divine Messenger: In some traditions, seeing a Gold Baby is often depicted as celestial beings or angels associated with Divine messages & communication. It symbolizes the presence of Divine guidance & protection in one's life, as well as the connection between Heaven & Earth.

  • Innocence & Purity: A Golden Baby represents the innocence of the soul & the purity of heart, reminding us to approach life with childlike wonder & openness.

  • Love & Compassion: Divine love surrounds us every day. A Golden Baby symbolizes the presence of love & compassion in the world, as well as the importance of nurturing loving relationships with others.

  • Protection & Guardianship: Golden Beings are seen as guardians or protectors, watching over individuals & offering guidance & support. It serves as a symbol of Divine protection, reminding us that we are never alone & that we are always surrounded by loving & supportive energies.

  • The Heavens: Golden Beings are believed to inhabit the heavenly realm & serve as messengers between Heaven & Earth. A Golden Baby symbolizes the connection between the earthly realm & the spiritual realm, as well as the possibility of transcending earthly limitations & experiencing spiritual enlightenment.

May the presence of the Golden Child serve as a reminder of the sacredness of Life & the presence of Divine energies in our everyday experiences.

Honoring the Golden Egg in Your Life

Now that we understand the symbolism of the Golden Child & Egg extends beyond a simple vision, we can embrace the qualities & energy they represent. We can carry these attributes in our everyday lives by living among their guidance & following the message of Divine love, compassion, & a better future for humanity & those who are yet to be born. There are several ways to honor the symbolism of the Golden Child & Egg such as:

  • Meditation & Visualization: Begin by meditating on the symbolism of the Golden Child & Egg, focusing on its qualities of abundance, fertility, & transformation. Visualize yourself surrounded by golden light, & imagine a Golden Egg glowing with Divine energy in your hands. Envision your intentions for abundance, growth, & spiritual transformation being absorbed into the egg, & feel a sense of gratitude for the blessings it represents.

  • Create an Altar or Sacred Space: Create an altar or sacred space dedicated to honoring the symbolism of the Golden Egg. Place a golden-colored item or an egg-shaped object on the altar as a focal point for your intentions. Surround it with coins, crystals, flowers, or plants, & light candles to invoke the energy of transformation & abundant blessings.

  • Offerings & Blessings: Offer symbolic offerings as a gesture of gratitude & reverence. This could include offerings of flowers, incense, or food, as well as prayers or affirmations expressing your intentions for abundance, fertility, & spiritual growth. Bless the egg with sacred water or essential oils, & ask for Divine guidance & protection on your journey.

  • Creative Expression: Engage in creative practices that honor its symbolism, such as painting, drawing, or crafting. Use gold-colored materials to create images or representations of the child or the egg, & infuse your artwork with symbols of transformation. Allow your creative expression to serve as a form of devotion & connection to the Divine energy.

By incorporating these practices into your spiritual journey, you can deepen your connection to the symbolism of this vision & harness its transformative energy for abundance, fertility, & spiritual growth.

With Infinite Gratitude

As we commemorate the 14th anniversary of the Golden Child message & the creation of the Golden Child Temple, we reflect on the profound impact of this vision on our community & the world. For over a decade, The Path has been dedicated to preserving & sharing this vision, spreading love, light, & ancient wisdom to all who seek it.

We invite you to join us in celebrating this momentous occasion & honoring the vision of the Golden Child. Your presence & support are integral to our journey of growth, transformation, & enlightenment. Together, let us sow the seeds of peace & harmony, nurturing the sacred elements & temples of humanity.

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