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The Flower Moon

Today, Friday, May 5, we will be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse & a Full Moon! The Full Moon will take place right after the Lunar Eclipse. As the Sun, Earth, & the Moon are aligned in a straight line, Earth will cast a shadow on the face of the Moon as it blocks the light of the Sun.

It is believed that the occurrence of an Eclipse is the time to seek change in one’s life, the type of change that will evolve one into a higher version of themselves. More specifically, when the Moon is covered in the Earth’s shadow, hidden emotions & subconscious patterns will be revealed. This event should bring a type of awakening to our mind, body, spirit, & soul. An awakening that will present different pathways showing us what it is we should change, let go of, or re-examine.

The Full Moon spiritually symbolizes a time of completion, transformation, & releasing. This moon phase is meant to be a time of reflection & re-evaluating where we currently stand in our lives. Once a month, this occurrence gifts us the opportunity to sit with the fullness of our lives. Although it is a time to reflect & release, it is also essential that we feel & give great gratitude for the things that we are thankful for, the blessings we have been given the chance to experience. While going through this process of thoughts & emotions, we can determine what we wish to leave in the past & recommit to what means the most to us.

The Full Moon of May is most commonly known as the Flower Moon. Other names given to this Moon are the Budding Moon & the Planting Moon. These names were chosen because of the rebirth of Spring of course! The activity of animals also plays a large role in welcoming Spring, prompting some to call it the Frog Moon or Egg Laying Moon. No matter which one of these names you choose to call it, all of them honor the seasonal change, welcoming back more life, color, warmth, & growth.

The Flower Moon will be in Scorpio, further pushing us into the theme of transformation, rebirth, & growth. Having the Moon be within the zodiac sign of Scorpio, will be especially highlighting what our true needs are, allowing us to see what it is that needs to go. Scorpio’s energy will give us the courage to face our fears, which could result in endings, new beginnings, or breakthroughs.

This will be a very powerful day as we will be feeling the energy of these events coming from all directions. Many of us may feel stuck in thought, emotional, or vulnerable today & that is okay, it is normal! This is an opportunity to release trauma, painful memories, & to let go of deep seeded emotional wounds or scars. It is time we find freedom & liberation from the things that weigh us down … Keeping us stuck in old habits, repeating cycles, & closed minded thinking. Today will be the day we get to put our foot down & truly decide that we are choosing to LIVE, not just survive. To choose Love! To choose Happiness! To choose Compassion, Joy, Peace, & Hope! To embrace that in which makes us feel alive, brings us light, & makes us a better person everyday.

The perfect ritual to honor the Flower Moon is to Plant a Seed! This is not a common ritual many see for releasing, but if you look at it from a perspective of transformation, rebirth, or evolving, this can be a beautiful way to let go of what you wish to clear yourself of today.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed; It can only be changed from one form to another.”

- Albert Einstein

Flower Moon Seed Ritual:

  1. Choose the seed of your choice, soil & potting plant, or a nice spot outside.

  2. Before you begin the actual process of planting the seed, take a moment of mindfulness or meditation.

  3. Hold the seed in your hand, then place your hand over your chest.

  4. Reflect on what is on your mind. What is it that you want to let go of? What is currently causing your peace disturbance?

  5. Allow yourself to identify the feelings & emotions that arise, process them if you haven’t already.

  6. Bring any of the negative emotions or energy you feel to focus. This can include pain, grief, guilt, resentment, hate, anger, etc.

  7. When you are ready, bring your hand to the level of your mouth.

  8. Take a deep breath & exhale, visualize yourself “blowing” the feelings onto the seed.

  9. Keep holding the seed in your hand, holding it in gratitude.

  10. Thank the seed for taking the burden of the emotions, & give gratitude for the good memories you did experience & any useful lessons you may have learned.

  11. Now you can plant the seed!

  12. As you plant the seed in the soil, speak to the Universe & your spirits. Ask them for guidance while you move forward & ask for support to transform the pain into love & light.

  13. End the ritual however you please! Once more expressing gratitude, with a prayer, a moment of silence, whatever you feel called to.

Happy Flower Moon dear friends. Sending you all a prayer, love, light, & blessings!

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