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Taurus Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse

Today, November’s Full Moon is accompanied by a total lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth and moon align perfectly, making the moon pass into the earth’s shadow. Full Moons symbolize completion or the end of a cycle, while eclipses symbolize significant periods of change and transformation. Having these both fall in the same cycle will cause powerful emotional and spiritual movements in all of us. While there may be unexpected changes, ultimately we are being lead to our true purpose.

November’s moon is commonly known as the Beaver Moon, in reference to this time of the year being when beavers begin to forage and build their dams. One may also see it called the Frost Moon or Freezing Moon due to the significant change in seasons that occur at this time. This full moon is even referred to simply as a Blood Moon because of the reddish tint it displays when being under the earth's shadow. This moon, regardless of its name, is one of the 12 lunar phases of the year, marking Taurus in full moon; and marking the final total lunar eclipse until 2025. This is a significant day seeing as these lunar events aren't common, but it also marks the beginning of transformation for many on their spiritual journey.

Eclipses signify powerful periods of change and transformation. A lunar eclipse reveals truths and energies that help us complete a cycle or shift in some way. This shift will be a push of encouragement to release negative and harsh emotions, as well as letting go of attachments that no longer serve us. The eclipse is here to realign us by making changes, often adding or removing major things or people in one's life. It is a time for cleansing our emotional waters and setting intention for renewal and rebirth.

Now with that being said, these changes may not feel good or be easy to accept - but it will bring clarity and guide us to our true purpose. Even though it may take time to heal or accept these transitions, the Universe is inviting us to fully release incoherent energy from our mind, body and souls in order to prepare for the blessings that are yet to come. This is a time to remain open minded to receiving a message, or note any signs from the Universe to define a new vision for our lives. These sudden shifts are meant to redirect us on the right path, therefore it is important to be grateful, rested, centered and trust that what will be delivered is exactly what is meant for one.

What is meant for us will not pass us by, but how and when it arrives depends on our choices, actions and attachments. Massive transformations are taking place therefore it is necessary to step out of our comfort zone and be brave enough to take the steps in the right direction. This is a reflective time when one should assess what needs to be done in order to become the highest version of themself. Be mindful of what emotions and thoughts arise, this could be a glimpse of the future. There is a Divine path unfolding before us, and although change is likely, we can trust the redirection.


Below are some mindful practices to guide one through this day:

Beaver Moon Affirmation

“May I be fully prepared for the darker half of the year to come.

I will welcome abundance, love, peace and productivity into my life.

I will create and fulfill my goals with passion and determination.

I will live the life that was meant for me and allow my purpose to take me to the highest potential.”

Journal Prompts

  • What do I value most about myself?

  • How can I be more present and mindful?

  • What daily practices help me feel supported and grounded?

  • Are there places in my life where I need to slow things down? Or take more charge?

  • Where can I show myself more self love? Can I show myself more kindness?

  • Have I been taking care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally? What can change to improve this?

  • What is the future I envision for my authentic self?

Simple Full Moon Bath Ritual

  1. Set a sacred space in your bathroom. Gather crystals, light candles, and cleanse with incense.

  2. Draw a healing bath. Add any essential oils or bath salts that can center and relax you. (Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, Eucalyptus, etc.)

  3. Relax and Reflect. Soak in your bath and allow this to be a time for you to visualize your dreams, shed light on your achievements, give gratitude for what you have and be mindful of where you wish to be in the future.

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