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Have you ever taken an oatmeal bath? Perhaps to soothe a rash? Oatmeal is well-known for providing wonderful relief for dry, itchy skin making it perfect for this time of year now that it's getting colder, or anytime your skin needs a little extra love.


1. Just like with the herbal bath, simply fill a cloth bag, washcloth, or sock with oatmeal.

2. Add whatever herbs you would like and add a handful of Flordemayo’s sacred bath.

3. An incredible blend is using rose petals, calendula, and chamomile in an oatmeal bath. 4. Toss your bundle into a tub filled with hot water and let it steep to a good temperature.

5. Use your bundled oatmeal as a milky, gooey nourishing scrub on your body and face.

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