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Lion's Gate Ritual

On August 8th, the Lions Gate reaches its peak. We have created a blog for you to use during this sacred time. Make sure to pour positive vibrations into the Universe. The Lionsgate 88 Portal is the opening of a galactic gate that delivers high-frequency energy into our beings, allowing us to rebirth our spirit energy and the spirit energy of Mother Earth. This ritual will help you make the most of this important day and bring positive energy. We have created a ritual for you to perform on August 8th. to make the most of this galactic event.

What You Will Need:

  • Cleansing tool of your choice

  • A small altar or table

  • Inspirational objects (photos, candle, crystals, incense, and anything else you would like to add)

Use these objects to create a small altar. Now that your altar is complete relax your mind and take a few deep breaths to start your meditation as you focus on what you'd like to manifest. Let go of any negativities or judgments and visualize yourself attracting exactly what you desire. You can use these sacred altar objects as focal points for your meditation. Use your cleansing tool to cleanse your aura and your surroundings. As you cleanse your aura, recite the following affirmation-

“I cleanse myself with light and loving energy. All energies that are no longer mine to carry are now leaving my body. I am light, I am free. I am whole. I am me.”

Now set positive intentions for this special event.

Love & Light!

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1 Comment

Lupa Moon13
Lupa Moon13
Aug 09, 2022

May Lion Goddess SEKHMET bless you on this powerful day.

Sa Sekhem Sahu.


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