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Dry Your Own Flowers

Drying flowers allows you to keep all your favorite blooms for as long as you like. Not only do dried flowers last but they can also be used in your home as decorations. We will help guide you through ways to dry your flowers.

What You Will Need:

  • The flowers you want to dry

  • String

  • Scissors

  • Stick/ Hanger

Step 1: Start by removing the leaves from your flowers to prepare.

Remove extra leaves from the flower stems. If you like the look of greenery, you can leave some on the stem. They will also dry.

Step 2: Put your flowers in a group and tie them together with the string.

You can cut the stems at the bottom of the flowers if they are too long.

Step 3: Attach your flowers to your stick/hanger by the string.

Step 4: Hang your flowers upside down to dry.

Ensure that the stick/hanger is not in the way of delicate flowers to prevent damage. It is also recommended to hang them in a dark environment or a place with minimal light. The colors of the flowers will fade if exposed to direct sunlight.

Now your flowers are ready!

Blessings of love and light 🌼

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