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December Full Moon

Home is at the heart of the final Full Moon of the year, with it in the water sign of Cancer. The Full Moon rules cancer. It will direct our attention inward toward our emotions and our intuition. This Full Moon is traditionally known as the Cold Moon due to its arrival in the northern hemisphere, often the chilliest month of the year.

The vibrations of this astrological event allow us to explore the full range of our feelings, but running from our hearts may lead to moodiness. You can create a healing and nurturing space by carefully pulling back personal layers and choosing your audience. Intuitive and healing gifts will also amplify as the stars elevate empathic tendencies to understand one another’s needs better.

Full moons represent the culmination of energy: fruition, completion, and celebration.  They also symbolize releasing and shedding the old to pave the way for a new cycle and year.

During a Full Moon in Cancer, you will be able to gain a deeper understanding of your emotional state and release any old patterns that have held you back. End of the Year Full Moon Journal Prompts:

  • Are my beliefs and principles the proper foundation for my emotional well-being?

  • Is it time for some fundamental shifts?

  • Is there anything I can do to help me let go of old patterns?

  • How am I honoring and loving my inner child?

  • What things can I work on and change during the next year to work on these things?

Wishing you a blessed full moon of love and light!

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