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Candle Magick

Candles have been around for more than 5,000 years, with its uses being for relaxation, meditation, aromatherapy and a simple homely must have. Candles are also an essential and important tool in the world of magick and healing. The simple candle can produce magical results and transformation. A candle's purposes are endless - but when it comes to magick the outcomes are powerful.

When thinking of a candle, many peoples first thought may be the flame as the main element; but every candle actually contains all four. The flame of course burns strongly representing the fire element. The element of air comes into play with oxygen feeding the flame & helping it stay ablaze. The earth element is represented by the solid body of wax that forms the candle. Even the water element is portrayed by the melting of the wax & its change into a fluid state. Honoring all four elements of nature allows the magic to create more accuracy and potency. Candles are enchanting and important in the practice of spirituality because of its powerful representation.

Candle Magick is an easy, yet moving, practice because it is inexpensive and simple - making it a good introduction to the world of Magick. When doing most candle rituals, all one needs is the candle, something to light it with & an intention. This type of magick and rituals can look different and unique for everybody, but the basics of its power always remain strong. Candle magick is fast-working and intense which is why it is so popularly used by many! It is the art and intention of using the elements as a vehicle to read messages from the spirit realm and make manifestations come to life.

One can practice candle magick by simply placing the candle in a cleansed, sacred space, and having time to be mindful with their intentions as the flame burns. The next step to a candle ritual can be taken by layering on other meanings by carving symbols, runes, or sigils into candles. One can also add to the magick by charging candles by dressing them in oil, herbs, flowers & crystals. Magick is all about combining symbolic meanings of things and adding more natural and organic elements can only bring more passionate energy. One can also buy a candle that is already designed for ritual use or buy them in packs with a colorful array. Every candle color has different spiritual meanings and are meant to be used accordingly depending on one’s intention.

Below are the different colors & meanings of candles in magick:

  • Green: money, prosperity, growth, luck, career/finances, gardening, youth, fertility

  • Dark blue: change, flexibility, psychic powers & abilities, emotional healing

  • Pink: love, friendship, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, affection

  • Brown: home, spirit of animals, grounding, physical healing

  • Black: banishes, protects, absorbs, expels the negative, heals serious illness

  • Gold: money, attraction, luxury, beauty, prosperity

  • Orange: attraction, support, encouragement, joy

  • Light blue: patience, happiness, calm, deep understanding, compassion, mental health healing

  • Red: strength, protection, sexuality, vitality, passion, courage, heart & love, good health, power

  • White: purification, peace, protection, truth,spirit, universal

  • Purple: stress relief, ambition, healing past wounds, goddess energy, success

  • Gray: neutrality, balance, psychic growth, stability

  • Yellow: mental power and vision, intelligence, clarity, self-assurance, divination, prosperity/abundance, wisdom, focus, confidence

One can do candle magick with any type of candle, as long as the intention is there. Here are a few important reminders when practicing this type of magick:

  • Don’t blow out the candle! Snuff it out with a tool or fingers instead, ideally it would be best to leave out until it burns out. Blowing it out can affect the powerful energy of the intention behind the ritual

  • Keep an eye on the flame and observe how it behaves. Whether it burns quickly or slowly, if the flame burns small or high, if it flickers, etc. These observances can have meaning behind them.

  • Think about what you want to draw in, allow intuition to guide and take lead in what is needed in that moment.

  • Choose a candle that best represents the desire one is after. Take into account the color, shape, scent, size & type of candle when choosing.

  • Be sure to be consistent with lighting the candle. Don't burn candles halfway through and forget or lose interest as this will lower the energy.

“There is a little bit of magic in everything. With this flame of fire, flame of the night, I am pushing past the power of sight. Bless me now with clarity, and bring my desires straight to me.”


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