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August Blue Moon

August is quite special, with two Full Super Moons occurring in the same month. Making tomorrow’s Full Moon, a Blue Moon! This unique lunar occasion will not happen again until 2037, hence the saying "once in a blue moon", an idiom used to describe a rare but nonetheless recurring event. A SuperMoon occurs when the Moon’s orbit is closer to the Earth than usual. Making it appear brighter & bigger, while also making its effects more pronounced & energy more powerful.

The Blue Moon will be at its full illumination on the night of the 30th, making its way to the 31st. Many consider this to be the most spiritual Full Moon of the year. When we reach the point of the Full Moon in the lunar cycle, it is significant to our spiritual journey … We are given the opportunity to take a step back & reflect on where we are at, what we need to change, & release anything that no longer serves us.

A Blue Moon symbolizes luck, growth, rare chances, & second chances. This suggests a time to be in perfect alignment with the world, the Universe, our nature, & our Divine power. For many of us, we will find ourselves running into fate, magical coincidences, or synchronicities. Ultimately, we are given this powerful energy to find space for healing, growth, transformation, recovery, strength, & coming to our full power.

The Blue Moon will be taking place in the zodiac sign of Pisces. This water sign invites us to trust in the Universe, in the Divine. It is a call to have faith in Divine timing, to follow what feels natural, not forced. We must remember that what is meant for us, will make its way to us, & keep the faith that there are magical endings & beginnings at all points on our path.

Sweet Blue Moon Ritual for You:

Begin by gathering these few items - A blue candle, a few crystals, bottle of water, piece of paper, & a pen.

* If you do not have a blue candle, white will do

* Try to work with Labradorite, Selenite, Lapis Lazuli, or Clear Quartz

* It would be best if you use a clear receptacle with a lid for the water, such as a mason jar

1. Find a quiet, peaceful place you can sit down & spend a few minutes in, indoors or outdoors.

2. Light your candle & lay out your crystals.

3. With your pen, make a line down the middle of the paper. On one side write the word “Attract”, on the other side the word “Release”.

4. Sit with your thoughts for a moment & begin to list out the things you wish to attract or release in its corresponding columns.

5. Once you are done, put the pen & paper aside for a moment for a meditating moment.

6. Close your eyes, & gently with your hand, repeatedly tap on your chest in a steady calming rhythm.

7. As you keep tapping, (open your eyes if you need to) & Say out loud to yourself:

“I am ready to release, Any doubts or fear within me. I am ready to let go, Of all negative attachments, Or anything that is not for my highest good. I am ready to move on,

To accept my destiny. I am ready to accept, Divine intervention. I am ready to embrace, My true purpose in this life. I am ready for,

Happiness, Love, Peace, & Abundance.”

8. Keep tapping on your chest, & for a moment, visualize yourself being the happiest you can be. Whatever it is you are doing in this visualization, make sure you see yourself with the biggest smile, & feel it in the warmth of your heart.

9. When you are ready, you can finish your meditation.

10. Going back to your paper, take your pen & mark an X over the side that has the “release” column. & Make one circle around the “attract” list.

11. Fold your paper a few times until it makes somewhat of a square shape.

12. Blow out your candle & use some of the candle wax to seal your paper.

13. Once it gets dark, set your water, sealed paper, & crystals outside or near an open window sill.

14. Leave them overnight for the Blue Moon light to radiate & charge your spiritual tools.

15. Come morning, gather your items… Drink your moon water & keep your charged crystals close to you for a few days!

~ Blessed Blue Moon!

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